We have recently launched a new Ultimate CPE website which now requires that you create a user account which will retain a history of orders, courses, exams and certificates from this point forward.

If you do not already have an account, please visit http://www.ultimatecpe.com/register/ and/or follow the steps provided below:


If you do not already have a username/password to access the site, please create an account by completing the form @ http://www.ultimatecpe.com/register/


After creating an account you will be automatically logged into the site, and can then begin browsing courses & exams for purchase. Please be sure to 'Set Your CPA Preferences' by selecting your state from the drop-down menu that is provided on all pages so that only courses which are available in your state are presented


After purchasing a course/exam you will then be able complete the test online by clicking the 'My Exams' link found at the top-left of the page, and then click the 'Take Exam' link that appears next to the one you wish to complete. After successfully passing an exam you will then be able to view/print your certificate and can always reference this at a future date by logging back into the site.

Should you have any difficulty with the site please call
(866) 760-5400 for assistance Monday - Friday 10:00AM-2:00PM


Is Ultimate CPE NASBA Approved?

Yes, our NASBA registry number is 108036


Does Ultimate CPE report my grade to the State Board?

No, each CPA is responsible for reporting their own CPE credits.


What are the minimum requirements of my PC in order for me to take advantage of online testing?

For the security of your information, we require that all user to have the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  

Link to Internet Explorer

Link to Firefox

Link to Google Chrome


I received an error message while using the system. What should I do?

The best thing to do is print out the page with the error and give us a call at (866) 760-5400 between the hours of 10AM and 2PM ET. We are ready and eager to assist you with any problems you may encounter.


How long do you keep my certificate(s) and grade report(s) for?

We will retain your records for no less than 5 Calendar years from the date you complete your exam. While we may keep them longer than that, you can be sure that should you ever lose proof of completion within that time period you'll always be able to print out new copies.


Can I print the exam and enter the answers in all at once?

Yes, we actually recommend doing this. Simply log into your ACCPE account and select "View & Print Exam."


I just took my test online, should I also FAX my answer sheet to you?

No. Once you take your test online, you're done. Should you fax in your sheet in addition to taking your test online, your paper answer sheet will be discarded.


How many times can I take an exam?

You can take an exam as many times as you need to until you pass. However, once you receive a passing grade you can not take the exam for a higher grade.


What is considered a passing grade?

70% is passing except for ethics courses which is 85%.(Florida Ethics is 80%)


How long do I have to complete my course?

You have 1 year from the purchase date.


Can I take the same course twice?

No, we can not give credits for a course that has been previously taken.You can only do this if the course has been updated; in that case it will have a different course number.