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After reading the materials, participants will be able to:
1. Recognize the various issues affected by inflation and recent tax law developments especially as they relate to individual tax brackets, ex-emptions & deductions, the AMT, the child tax credit, alimony, HSAs, education plans and energy credits.
2. Determine the key business tax issues affected by inflation adjust-ments and recent legislative changes, including corporate tax rates, en-tertainment expenses, tax credits & deductions, bonus depreciation, expensing, standard mileage rates, employment taxation, repatriation of foreign income, small business stock, partnership taxation and ex-cessive compensation.
3. Specify differences between various retirement plans, including inflation-adjusted contribution limits and phaseout limits, and deter-mine estate taxes by identifying trust income tax rates and determin-ing applicable exclusion amounts.

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  • Filed of Study: Taxation
  • Author: Danny Santucci
  • Course Level: Overview
  • Pre-Requisites: General Understanding of Federal Income Taxation
  • Interactive: Yes
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