53524 4.0

The objective of this course is to address the accounting and financial reporting for the current post-COVID economic climate including the effects of inflation, supply-chain shortages, rising interest rates, and other events affecting company financial statements for 2023 and 2024. Topics include: Disclosures of risks and uncertainties related to supply-chain concentrations; going-concern reporting and disclosure issues; impairment issues related to goodwill and real estate; accounting for variable consideration revenue and onerous contracts; dealing with inventory costs and stock market and bond investment losses; collectability of trade receivables; exit and termination benefit obligations; contingencies, use of LIFO in an inflationary environment; and accounting and auditing engagement matters. The course also discusses the accounting for selected tax changes affecting 2023 and 2024 financial statements.

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  • Filed of Study: Accounting & Auditing
  • Author: Steve Fustolo
  • Course Level: Overview
  • Interactive: Yes
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